What is DD Cream? A latest innovation in skin care cream for a brighter skin.

Many of you may have known BB and CC cream , base coverage skin care cream that have always been great helpers of cosmetic lovers. Enable the hydrating benefit and make a long-lasting makeup.

And here comes DD cream !!! The latest innovation of skin care cream aiming for a brighter and healthier skin.

DD cream (Daily Defense / Dynamic do-all) is devaloped from BB cream (blemish balm, aiming for a skin coverage) , CC cream (Color correcting ,aiming for correcting redness)

DD cream are composed of Base+ Foundation+ sunscreen Agent + nourishing substance specially aim for anti-aging and skin whitening effect). To make it simple, DD cream is a combination of BB and CC cream with nourishing substances for whiter and younger skin effect. Not only it can brighter the skin but also protect your skin from daily pollution such as dust , UVA , UVB and infrared. How good is that ?!??

In summary, DD is perfect for

🌼 People who wants a brighter, healthier skin

🌼 People who enjoy outdoor activities and are In the sun most of the time

🌼 People who need an anti-wrinkle effect or want to reduce an already have wrinkles

So this is all essential information that you should know about DD cream. If you are looking for a nice DD cream product that is suitable for you , Lazy Daisy Sunscreen is one of the choice of Dry touch sensation, Good Quality, yet affordable price that will never fail you. Instant brighten your skin when apply and is perfect for all skin type with nourishing effect !!!!

Skin Care is a Must, Makeup is a Choice

Lazy Daisy - Aura on your skin

Lazy Daisy Thailand

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